Covision Media


Bressanone, Italy


Sketchfab Profile


Covision Media digitizes your products in the highest quality. With our proprietary 3D scanning solution, we are able to capture objects with complex geometry and appearance in a fast and automated way. Our team of experts and artists ensures the quality of your digital twin through the entire process.

The service is as easy as three steps:

1) Get in touch with our scanning experts at Covision Media.

2) Send your product to Covision Media.

3) The product is scanned, reviewed, and the 3D digital twin is published on Sketchfab.

We are situated in the North of Italy and can cover jobs from all over Europe, with a specific focus on Italy, Austria, Germany, and Switzerland.


  • Creating 3D models: 3D scan
  • Development on the Sketchfab API


  • Footwear
  • Fashion
  • Sports (shoes, boots, helmets, gloves, etc.)
  • Cultural Heritage
  • Interior Design