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We’re pleased to announce that SuperViz, a real-time immersive video conferencing platform, now offers its users the ability to meet inside Sketchfab models.

SuperViz offers meeting solutions for people in product development, manufacturing, and immersive training. The new Sketchfab integration lets users easily review 3D product portfolios or collaborate together within an architectural space. SuperViz is accessible on both mobile and desktop devices, and works in all browsers.

How to host a meeting in a Sketchfab model

To start, copy a Sketchfab model link into SuperViz, then click the meeting button to generate a shareable link.

Once in the meeting, everyone can explore individually or the host can use tools to guide guests through the scene. Mouse positions are viewable so that everyone can ensure they’re focusing on the same discussion features.

Meeting recordings are available from the point of view of the host and can be stored for sharing later. Hosts can also easily transport participants between 3D projects in the same meeting with just a click.

Guests don’t need an account to join a meeting, and a dashboard provides admin control over access to workspaces and roles. SuperViz allows for unlimited projects and meeting time and each meeting has capacity for up to 16 people.

This integration was achieved using Sketchfab’s Viewer API. If you are interested in exploring our API and using it for your projects, visit our Developers page.

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