Sketchfab in the Classroom: UQAT, Montreal

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More and more teachers are using Sketchfab in their classes, from using Sketchfab to submit and review assignments, to browsing our library for example models to show in class. Join us and discover the stories of teachers around the world in our new Sketchfab in the Classroom series!

Today I’m talking to Erwan Davisseau from UQAT in Montreal, Canada.

Hi Erwan, can you introduce yourself?

My name is Erwan Davisseau. I’m a former veteran video game 3D artist. I published 10 games including the Splinter Cell, Prince of Persia, Matrix and Far Cry franchises. I’m now teaching 3D graphics at UQAT in Montreal.

Which classes do you teach? How many students are in those classes?

It depends of the session. Basically I’m the expert about video game graphic development at my university. I’m essentially teaching 3D graphics for video game and digital sculpting through ZBrush. This year, I have 2 classes of around 25 students each.


How do you use Sketchfab in your classes?

Last year, I use SketchFab to explain my students how a 3d engine works (export, optimization, etc.). This year, it will be used to expose what my students do with ZBrush but also to make them understand the process of baking details, lighting, etc… into textures and how to fool the viewer eyes.

Which problems did you solve by using Sketchfab?

Many problems actually. First was to bring 3D portfolio to everyone to see, including potential employers for my students. Second, it’s an easier way for me to receive their homework as only result matters to me. Sure, It’s not perfect but we are very close to a very good 3d viewer. Third and to resume, I’m using the appetite of my students to show their stuff to explain how 3d constraints works (and trust me, they learn fast!). And as SketchFab has a very clear and intuitive interface, it is just enjoyable for me and my students!


Do your students like it? Do they participate in the Sketchfab community?

They do like it for sure and I know that some of them are using it to show off their work.

Is there anything that we could add to make Sketchfab easier to use for teachers?

That would be nice to be able to see the textures (diffuse, spec, normal, etc…) and the Uvs. With this, SketchFab would be unbeatable (thx to have added the animation by the way. Great feature!)

Do you have any recommendations for other teachers?

Use it!

Thanks Erwan!

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