ItSeez3D adds full body 3D scanning

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Marina by itSeez3D on Sketchfab

Our friends at itSeez3D have added full body scanning to their free 3D scanning app for iPad. ItSeez3D works with the Occipital Structure scanner is and REALLY easy and fast to use. The software has built-in upload to Sketchfab to sharing your scans is super easy!

We have a few Structure scanners here at Sketchfab and use them to scan people at any event we’re at. To apply for a free scan in New York, Paris or Amsterdam use the ‘Contact’ button on our 3D Selfie account.

Watch this video tutorial on the new feature to get started:

Other changes include higher texture quality (you can now even upload in full resolution), and a change in licensing – from now on you can only use itSeez3D for non-commercial applications.

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  • Omar Ayesh says:

    Good afternoon,
    I am trying to upload a model I scanned through the itseez3d software to my sketchfab account, which used to work perfectly before the latest update. I am having a hard time now that I can’t download the model, or upload it directly to sketchfab.

  • James Green says:

    As of the last itSeez3d update, it should work like this:

    1) You can always upload a model from the app to Sketchfab for viewing, but you will not be able to download the file on Sketchfab.

    2) If you pay for processing by itSeez3d first, you can download the model file from itSeez3D, upload to Sketchfab AND enable download on Sketchfab.

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